Professional Photography Increases Bookings For Airbnb Properties

Does Professional Photography Help Increase Bookings for an Airbnb Property?

Yes! “Airbnb listings with Professional photos earn 40% more revenue on Average compared to other listings without professional photos”

(Source: Airbnb Study)

It’s no secret that great property photos have a huge impact on the success of a short-term rental property.

In our opinion, great photos are a make or break factor for property performance – that’s why we always take amazing photos for our clients, using our exceptional photographers!

Professional Airbnb Photography Example Australia by CrownBNB

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QUICK FACTS about Airbnb properties with professional photography:

  • Gain 28% more bookings
  • Ability to charge a 26% higher nightly rate
  • Overall increased earnings by 40%.
  • More likely to be ‘favourited’ and saved by guests browsing properties
  • Guests have a much better first impression of the home and view the host as being a professional


(One Of Our Airbnb Management Properties in Queensland, Australia)

Below we discuss some benefits of professional photos for your Airbnb property.

1. STAND OUT! More Clicks, More bookings, More Revenue!

Professional photos help you stand out from the crowd and drive more clicks to your listing. If you have a ‘scroll-stopping’ images representing your property then you have a much better chance to get potential guests to click on your listing and read more.

Once they get there, if you have a gallery full of more beautiful photos you will be sure to have them immersed in the dream of booking a stay at your amazing holiday home.

2. Guests know what to expect and feel more comfortable

When a professional photographer captures images of your home, they pay attention to the details. This means they cover all the aspects of what guests want to see and know about the property before they book. Each bedroom, bathroom and property features is perfectly photographed and presented to the potential guest, enticing them to book a stay!

Pictures tell 1000 words! You can answer many guest questions simple by having a comprehensive gallery of clear, eye-popping photos showing all the different features they can expect to enjoy during their stay.

3. Better guests and better treatment

As a general rule, when you have professional photos you are able to charge a higher price per night for guest bookings. A higher nightly price means you get guests who are willing to pay more for a better experience.

These guests tend to be much more respectful of your property and also tend to be easier to deal with than guests who are just looking for the absolute cheapest place to stay!

4. Sell the dream!

When booking a holiday rental or short-term accomodation, guests are often leading their booking journey with emotion, rather than a purely financial decision. It might be one of only a few holidays they take each year, so they really want a unique and great experience.

With professional photos you are able to showcase your property’s best features in a way that helps to trigger those dream-holiday emotions and help secure their booking!

5. More potential to get on the ‘short-list’ of favourites!

Often times before someone books a vacation rental there might be a research phase where multiple members of the group have input on which place they decide to stay. This might be a family group, couples or a group of friends.

Amazing photos are an easy way for someone to want to suggest your property to their friends for review above other properties who might be easily removed from the possible booking options.


The bang-for-buck on having professional photos representing your property is a no-brainer! You only need 1 or 2 good bookings to completely off-set the cost of hiring a professional and then you continue to get better revenue on-going.

We include professional photography for every client, free of charge! If you would like to work with CrownBNB to manage your holiday rental property, part of our on-boarding process includes perfect photography of your property by our in-house professional photographers.

If you have any questions or want to get started, simply Contact Us!

Article Sources: Airbnb

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