Airbnb Property Management Fees

What Are The Typical Fees For an Airbnb Property Management Company in Australia?

The fees charged by Airbnb management companies can vary slightly depending on several factors, including the specific services offered and the location of the property. Typically, an Airbnb management company charges a percentage of the rental income generated for the property.
Some companies may also have additional on-going monthly costs for certain services.

How much does and Airbnb Management Company Charge?

In Australia, you can expect any professional Airbnb Management company to charge 20-30% of rental revenue. Most companies charge between 20-22%.

Managing an Airbnb property is almost nothing like managing a property for long-term rental, where managers charge around 10%. It’s very hands-on, time consuming and also requires a lot of marketing expertise to make sure your property actually gets good bookings and generates more revenue.

Airbnb Management companies are working 24/7 for guests and securing bookings.

Having a great manager for your holiday rental property can make or break your property revenue!
A great Airbnb management service can be the difference between a property making great revenue or getting a low return. No matter who you chose to manage your property, it’s almost never a good return on investment to simply go for the ‘cheapest option’.

How much more money can I make with a management service?

There’s a lot more to managing a vacation rental property than simply opening for bookings and letting guests roll in!
The short-term rental market is very competitive and without proper marketing, promotion and management it’s very unlikely a property will make much revenue.

For a detailed answer to this question, see our article here about why to use a Management Company for an Airbnb Property.

If you’re working with a high performing vacation property manager, like CrownBNB, then you can expect to earn 30-80% more than you would by self-managing your property. So you essentially make more revenue and you don’t have to do the work – it’s a real win-win!

What are CrownBNB’s Management fees?

CrownBNB is a performance based management company who focuses on quality over quantity. We currently charge 20% of rental revenue for our extensive and comprehensive airbnb management service.

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Additional information about Airbnb Management Company Fees

  1. Performance-Based Fees: Some Airbnb management companies offer performance-based fee structures, where the fee percentage may increase or decrease based on the property’s occupancy rate or rental income. This can provide an incentive for the management company to maximize the property’s performance.
  2. Minimum Monthly Fee: In addition to the percentage-based fee, some management companies may charge a minimum monthly fee. This fee ensures that the management company receives a certain amount even if the property’s rental income is low during a particular month.
  3. Additional Services: Apart from the basic management services, some companies offer additional services such as interior design, property maintenance, and concierge services. These extra services may come with separate fees or be bundled into a comprehensive package.
  4. Consultation and Setup Fees: If you’re starting from scratch and require assistance with setting up your property on Airbnb, some management companies may charge a one-time consultation or setup fee. This fee covers services like property evaluation, listing creation, and initial setup of systems and processes.
  5. Contract Duration: The length of the contract can also impact the fee structure. Some management companies offer discounted fees for longer-term contracts, while others may charge higher fees for shorter-term agreements or seasonal properties.


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