Why Use An Airbnb Management Company?

What Does An Airbnb Management Company Do?

And why should you use a Professional Management Service for your holiday property?

Here is a list of some of the services a professional short-term rental management company provides for you.
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A professional Airbnb management company provides comprehensive services to assist property owners in effectively managing holiday property for short term rental on websites like Airbnb. Here are some key tasks and responsibilities typically provided by such companies:

1. Listing Creation and Optimisation

The management company creates and optimises your property’s listing on Airbnb. This involves writing engaging descriptions, selecting attractive photos, setting competitive pricing, and utilising keywords to improve visibility in search results.

Premium Airbnb Management services (like CrownBNB) also take care of the professional photography of your property.
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2. Guest Communication and Booking Management

The management company handles all guest inquiries, booking confirmations, and communication before, during, and after guests’ stays. They respond promptly to inquiries, provide information about the property and local area, and ensure a smooth booking process.

A good management company will also proactively do chat sales through the messaging to secure bookings quickly and also to entice guests to extend their stays longer, resulting in more revenue.

3. Check-In and Check-Out Services

Management companies take care of the entire check-in and check-out process for guests. They coordinate key exchanges, provide detailed instructions on accessing the property, and ensure a seamless arrival and departure experience.

At CrownBNB we always strive to make check-ins and check-outs hands-free and very simple for guests, which they absolutely love!

4. Cleaning and Maintenance

Professional management companies arrange property cleans between guest stays to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards. They also coordinate any necessary repairs or maintenance work, ensuring that the property is well-maintained and any issues are addressed promptly.
Our cleaning services go beyond just a clean. We provide fresh triple-sheeted linens on all beds, guest towels and even hotel-style amenities. This ensures a premium product every time and also means property owners don’t need to worry about purchasing linens for their homes.

5. Revenue Management and Pricing Optimisation

This in itself is a full time job! Have you ever been looking at hotels or flights and wondered why the price keeps changing? That’s because a skilled team of experts are constantly adjusting the rate based on 100’s of different factors to maximise the potential revenue. The management company monitors market demand, analyses competitor pricing, and adjusts your property’s rates accordingly to maximise occupancy and revenue.

We employ strategies to optimise pricing based on seasonality, local events, and other factors like weekends, lengths of stays and more.

At CrownBNB we have an entire specialist pricing optimisation team who’s entire job is making sure all our properties are getting the maximum rates and maximum occupancy across a full 365 day calendar.

6. Marketing and Advertising

Management companies may employ marketing strategies to promote your property and increase its visibility. This can include a wide range of different factors and promotion techniques like optimising online advertisements, and utilising other marketing channels to attract potential guests.

Every booking platform essentially operates as their own search and ranking system (similar to google search). Professional management companies are constantly working to make sure your property appears higher in searches and for

7. 24/7 Guest Support

Guest support is a 24/7 job in short term rentals! Professional managers provide round-the-clock guest support, ensuring that guests have assistance whenever they need it. They handle inquiries, address concerns, and provide guidance during the guests’ stay to ensure a positive experience.

8. Reporting and Analytics

Property owners are generally provided a monthly statement which shows bookings and revenue generated. This may be a fairly basic report or it could include a lot more information such as expenses and projections etc.

Here at CrownBNB we provide all owners a login account to our hosting system. This allows owners to see all bookings in the calendar as well as easily book themselves dates they would like to stay at the property. We also provide monthly statements. All of this is free-of-charge and part of our premium service.

9. Additional Services:

Some management companies may offer additional services such as professional photography, interior design consultation, supply management (e.g., toiletries, linens), and other value-added offerings to enhance the guest experience and property presentation.

As a premium full-service holiday property management company, here at CrownBNB we provide all properties with these services. Professional photography is done during the on-boarding phase as well as providing any advice regarding interior design. Then between stays our property managers and professional cleaning team are providing hotel-style linens as well as amenities for guests.

By entrusting these responsibilities to a professional management company, property owners can benefit from their expertise, experience, and resources while enjoying a more hands-off approach to Airbnb hosting.


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